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Automation and digitization of processes in companies.

We help our clients streamline and optimize their operations to achieve the highest efficiency. Our IT solutions help to reduce costs, optimize processes, and achieve faster and more effective access to information. We believe that digitization and automation are essential for any company that wants to be competitive in the market, and we are here to help with that!

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AI and IoT solutions

Our artificial intelligence and Internet of Things solutions enable our clients to better utilize their data and provide more efficient and secure processes. We believe that AI and IoT are key technologies for companies that want to gain a competitive edge in the market. Therefore, we offer comprehensive solutions that enable the full utilization of the potential of these technologies.

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Our specialty is:
IT outsourcing

Server management, data and network cybersecurity, building and maintaining fiber optic and WiFi structured networks.

Application programming

Software house (web applications PWA, Python, Django, Java Script, HTML)

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IoT - based automation

Measurement and control systems utilizing current, temperature, lighting, motion, vision recognition, machine learning sensors, control elements, LED displays and boards, WiFi modules, digital signage displays, ModBus control and API communication between different systems.

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IT and IoT solution prototyping

We design and implement custom IoT solutions

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Object security

Service and implementation: anti-burglary systems, video surveillance, access control, and RCP

Service and implementation of teleinformatics systems and LAN networks.
Examples of our applications

We present our proprietary applications, most of which are already successfully improving the operation of companies on many different levels.


Intuitive and fast electronic documentation of implemented systems and inventories.


Accurate system for measuring and analyzing active and reactive electricity consumption.


Our property protection system uses camera footage and AI models to recognize intruders and fire hazards, with notification, quick review, and deterrent features.


System for recording working time with live BI analysis.

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A service call system equipped with a battery-powered, long-lasting wifi module and two-way communication.

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System for planning work in service companies connected with a reporting module, parts warehouse, and BI analysis.

We secure IT environments by ensuring the security of servers, data warehouses, and remote VPN connections.

We combine electronics with IT to create automation systems, gather information, and control the flow of data between devices.

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